2018 - 2019

Produced by: Orient productions and the D-CAF Festival,
with the support of Tamasi performing arts collective.
and Arab Art Focus.


©Medhat Soody

Without Damage is an interactive solo performance by Mohamed Fouad. It is an attempt to question consumerist notions, commodification, and the supremacy of currency such as it pertains to the motivation and manipulation of human behavior in the presence of money.  In addition, the performance seeks to question the lengths Man will go to in acquiring the aforementioned superior currency.  with relation to artistic movements and the attempts of content control  and the possibility of position fluidity between the viewer/artist, artist/ funders, viewer/funder

The performance was first shown to the public internationally in April 2018 in Rawabet Theater in Cairo at the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival

(D-CAF), part of the Egyptian Contemporary Dance Programme. The Solo was also performed in its first European show over the course of 8 nights at Festival d’Avignon - South France, summer 2018, part of Arab Arts Focus.

The tour’s final leg took place  in November, 2018 in Marseille at Festival Les Rencontres à l'echelle - Les Bancs Publics. Finally, in January 2019, the solo was performed in Utrecht, Holland at Meet the Artist as part of Dancing on the Edge Festival, thereby establishing the first performance of his 2019 tour.

Through an interactive performance which doesn’t exceed the hour, the performer tries to unravel all he knows and expresses in attempt to experiment with a number of assumptions with the crowd; once by inclusion and another empowering the viewer by putting him in a more powerful position rather than a mere viewer.

And through different situations, the performer tries to appeal to the viewer’s desire to change the course of what they are watching to feel, if for an instant, that they are the decision makers and masters of the moment.

A wooden-box for money collection, a music-box to entertain the spectators when the performance space is event-less, a performer with a mic and another with one of the audiences, a few thoughts, texts, and dance, and lastly the preservation of making it to the exit (Without Damage)



Director and Performer: Mohamed Fouad
Dramaturgy & Visual Developer: Hakim AbdelNaeem
Light Designer: Saber El-Sayed
Sound Designer: Ahmed Saleh

 V.O (Arabic, English): MOHAMED EL HAGRASY

Translator,Editor / V.O (French, English):


Nada Hegazy

Yasmine Hussein

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